Sunday, 22 February 2009

Seafood & Needles

This week I have been attending family camp at the camp centre in Ite. It was much more relaxed than youth camp, with more time to chill out with those in attendance. There were still the usual activities like the beach, treasure hunt, assault course etc. Everybody entered into the spirit of the camp and created a very friendly atmosphere with a lot of camaraderie, for example on the assault course, even by individuals on opposing teams.

There wasn't a large number in attendance, but all those who did participated fully, took an interest in other campers. It also allowed those leading to get to know the campers much better with many fruitful conversations. Whilst there may not have been quantity, there was definitely quality.

One of the highlights as I look back was a lunch were one of the campers, a retired career soldier, took the notion that, as his contribution towards 'talent night', he would cook his favourite dish. This was a beautiful 'Ceviche', a seafood dish cooked in lemon juice. It's not a dish I particularly like, especially the shell fish, but this was really good!

Another experience that comes to mind, though not really a highlight per say, was having to give intramuscular injections to two of the Peruvian members on the 'Mision Rescate' team, one of whom was prescribed an antibiotic. What is of particular significance is that this was the first time I have ever given an antibiotic intramuscularly. I have given many intravenously but apparently it is common place in Peru to give penicillin intramuscularly. I really did not envy the poor patient. On the upside it seems to have done the trick. I realise that many who read this will not be at all interested in this, but probably my work colleagues, or other nurses, may.

One of the greatest encouragements about the camp, in a similar way to the youth camp, has been the promises made by all to return again next year. At the bonfire night many expressed their genuine enjoyment of camp and plan to return next year, not just themselves, but with other family and friends. Many of the young people plan to also attend to youth camp. I pray that these promises are fulfilled come next year, and that year by year attendance at all camps grow.

It has been a true pleasure to serve God, all be it in a small way, during both camps. I am left with a sense both of enjoyment, but more importantly spiritual growth not only from what was learnt during the teaching sessions, but also what God has taught me through the practicalities of the camp such as interactions with other leaders and campers. I leave camps exhausted, but already contemplating expectantly next year's camps.

This coming week includes a conference at Ite camp centre for all the mission workers. Pastor Byers, Gordon Darragh and John Brew will be speaking at it. I don't know much more than that, but I know it will be a great opportunity both to spend time studying God's word and also to meet up with the rest of the missionary family, some of whom I have not yet had the opportunity to meet since I arrived.

Next Friday or Saturday I then have to pack bags and travel to Arequipa for language study. I can't believe this time has already come. It seems as though I only arrived a week ago, yet next week will be my 7th in Peru. In a way, as fruitful a time as I hope language school will be, it will be good to get it over with and settle properly back into the work here in Ilo and Ite.

Some prayer points before I go would be

  • safety as I travel to Arequipa.

  • that I would feel Gods presence as I settle into life there.

  • for both the Roycroft's and myself as we start language study. I don't know what to expect and therefore have a sense of trepidation as it approaches.

Sorry this has been a long post but that is what happens when you don't have access to the internet for over a week. Good to share with you though.

God Bless,


Brian said...

Hi Alistair
Glad the camp went well. The sea food sounded great. Just my 'Cup of Tea'. Will pray for you as you meet up with the Roycrofts shortly for language study. I don't envy you that (the study I mean - not the Roycrofts) After 60 years I am still learning English only.

God Bless

Brian and Phyllis

Andrew said...

Hi Alistair,
Great to hear of answered prayer for the camp. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the week. If you need aspirin we have a good batch of it that a nursing friend got for, hold on a second that was you!!!
A, C and G

Alistair said...

Thanks Andrew, I'm looking forward to meeting up with you too. Hope the Aspirin is working well, don't worry I have a box like yours all to myself. I will probably be going up on Sunday. Let you know for sure when I get the ticket.

God Bless

Alistair said...

Hi, Thanks for your prayers Brian. Camp did really go well. Don't worry, I'm still learning English too. In fact at the minute I'm going through a bit of a Spanglish phase and getting things a little mixed up between the two languages.

God bless