Saturday, 28 February 2009

Conference time

Hi. Just catching up having returned from Ite. We had an excellent 24 hour conference. There was a really good attendance including children, parents etc. The schedule included Bible studies and relevant seminars dealing with issues related to mission. We also had a seminar on first aid very ably given by a local doctor and also a talk on security/emergency response by a local community security officer. These were aimed at enabling the mission workers to be able to deal with emergencies in their churches or ministry locations.
The highlight was definitely the last session where we celebrated the Lord's Supper. It was such an appropriate way the end the conference, by sharing communion as a team of mission workers both foreign and national. Many expressed how much they appreciated this.

Earlier in the day some also took the opportunity to run the 12 station assault course. It was very entertaining and also included the oldest person, so far, to ever complete the course. They shall remain nameless as far as this blog goes, though I shall reveal that they are in their late 70's and come from Ireland. All were left very impressed by this young (at heart) person's enthusiasm and determination.
Anyway, tonight I am packing for Arequipa. This is very much on my heart, I would sincerely ask for prayer especially for the journey. I realise I have already mentioned this for prayer numerous times already but I still remember the MADNESS exhibited by some of the other road users on our last trip to Arequipa. This time instead of trusting Trevor Morrow's excellent driving skills, I will be at the mercy of an anonymous bus driver, who may also be excellent, but one never knows.

God Bless until the next time,

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Brian said...

Hi Alistair
Hope all goes well on the travel this weekend by bus. Good to hear all your news. That 'Old' man I believe taught me in Sunday School over 50 years ago in Dungannon,

God bless

Brian and Phyllis