Saturday, 14 February 2009

More Camps

Thankfully the rest of our trip in Lima was very productive. This included obtaining a copy (or three of them to be precise) of my Peruvian birth certificate. The wasn't particularly difficult but took most of the day. In the end it was amazing to see the details about my birth, some of which I didn't know, written about me 29 years ago. Apparently I was born at ten. At the bottom was my Dad's signature. In a strange way, perhaps being soo far from home, getting this birth certificate was oddly emotive.

As I have reflected on this over the past few days it has also reminded me that my name is written in another book, a book which will be opened at the end of times, the 'Book of Life'. My name, written in that book, is in a sense a record of my spiritual birth. When I got my Peruvian birth certificate I was told that with this document I can proceed and obtain full Peruvian citizenship and the right to vote or become the president, not hat I would ever want the hastle. Spiritually speaking the fact that my name is written in the 'Book of Life' evidences my heavenly citizenship and the fact that I am a citizen of Gods kingdom and part of the Church.

I could go on pondering this amazing topic but the above will suffice for now.

Now I am back in Ilo preparing to go for another week of camps. This time it's a family camp which no doubt will have a different dynamic to it than the youth camp. Please continue to pray that God would give, and that we would be faithful in taking, opportunities to share to gospel. Also, writing from 'camp nurse' point of view, please pray there would be no serious illness or injury among campers or leaders.

I look forward to letting you know how camp went once I return.

God Bless,

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