Thursday, 26 February 2009

The life of Abraham

Hi. This week was meant to be mission conference week, and it still is. Just things had to changed around a bit, primarily due to the fact that this is a very busy period for all of the missionaries in their various ministries. As such a three day conference proved unworkable, and instead we met yesterday here in Ilo as a mission family for a one day conference. It was great to meet the Brew family who I had not yet met since I arrived.

The highlight of the day was definitely the three sessions with Pastor Byers where we looked at the life of Abraham. It was spiritually nourishing and very challenging. There was also time spent in prayer for all the missionaries including myself which I valued greatly.

This is to be followed on Friday and Saturday by another conference, this time in Ite, with all the national workers (Pastors, lecturers etc) and missionaries. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to meet many of them who I know only by name, or haven't met in three years. Please pray that this gathering will also be a beneficial time of fellowship and spiritual nourishment for everyone.

Also this week some of us went on a boat trip around Ilo harbour. This is a popular attraction to everyone both tourists and Peruvians. We were able to see birds, boats, seals and some very large sea lions.

The other news is that I have finally bought my ticket to Arequipa, I leave by bus at 9am Sunday morning. Please continue to pray for safety as I travel and settle in to life there.

I'll aim, as always, to write again soon,
God Bless

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