Sunday, 8 February 2009

On the go

Hi, I´m just back from a week at youth camp 2009 at the camp centre in Ite and I´m trying to get up to date with e-mails etc. (Whats changed?)

To start with camp was excellent. It was exhausting but soo worthwhile. It ran from Saturday to Saturday with roughly 40 or so young people from 12 to 25. The schedule was very full with little time to rest or catch a breath, so to speak. We went to the beach, to Ite and then had all the normal activities provided, like football etc, and then the more abnormal stuff like a 12 station assault course. Thankfully I didn´t have to run it, but that didn´t stop me from getting dunked in the `Lake of Piranhas´ on the last day by the campers. It was essentially week old stagnant water with any number of dead bugs in it. I dubbed it `Typhoid Tank´. Good for the immune system I say!

The theme for the week was "Are you Listening" and focused on essentially the importance of what God is telling us in His Word. It was a very appropriate topic. The speaker was an actor from Lima called Santiago. He was great and really motivated both the campers and all us leaders. I´ll not say much more about this as I was given the opportunity to write an article about the camp for the Baptist magazine, so you´ll get more info then.

It was really good to get a chance to work with the `Mision Rescate´team this week. It allowed me to get to know them, and frankly they are a fantastic team of young adults. Each very different in their gifts and personality. I´ve been so impressed and encouraged by their servant attitude, their dedication and their enthusiasm no matter what the task. Please pray for them as this is a particularly busy month for them.

I got back from camp yesterday evening and then Trevor Morrow and I left Ilo at 4am to travel to Tacna as we head to Lima today. We had to leave early in order to give Santiago, the guest speaker, a lift to the airport in Tacna as his flight left at 7am. Ours isn´t until 11:15am so I´m taking the opportunity of some free time to catch up on e-mails and this blog. The Roycrofts will join us here in about an hour and we´ll head to Lima to try and finish our immigration procedures, and get Grace Roycrofts started. Hopefully no drug smugglers or mafia kingpins have been using the alias `Alistair Creelman´ or it might make my Interpol visit more lengthy than I would care for.

On a serious note though I, and I know then others also, would value your prayers during this trip. Please pray that the immigration office visits would go smoothly and that there wouldn´t be last minute changes in laws or requirements that would cause delay. Also pray for our saftey as we travel about Lima.
Also pray for all those involved in preparing for the family camp at Ite while we´re in Lima. It starts next Saturday.

Thank you all once again for keeping up to date with this blog. Your prayers and comments are a source of great encouragement.

God Bless,


Brian said...

Hi Alistair,
We will be praying for you all during your time in Lima and hope everything falls into place regarding all the 'offiical' stuff you have to do there with the Roycrofts as well.

Good to hear the camp went well. Don't fancy the thought of the 'typhoid tank.'

God bless

Brian and Phyllis

J-D lovell said...

hey all sounds good! i see that lots is happning and that you are doing a good work.. Gods blessings, God is useing you. the adventure with him is always the best..