Thursday, 18 February 2010

Towards the End

Hi, just a wee note to keep you up to date.

I had a good trip to Lima. I was able to meet up with missionaries there, visit a seminary and catch up with a few friends including Rino and Santiago who had been the speakers at the Young Adults camp. I managed to see around Lima a bit and also buy too many presents.

I arrived back down to Tacna yesterday and now am preparing for Sunday (21st) when I head up to Tarata for the last time for the foreseeable future. Please pray that I would be a blessing to the believers there as I say my goodbyes. Also pray that I would have a safe journey there and back.

The following Sunday (28th) God willing I will be visiting the Rosa de Saron church to speak and say my goodbyes there too. Please pray God would use me to be a blessing to these believers as I say farewell.

The rest of the next two weeks will be full of packing, visiting people to say goodbye and preparing to leave. Pray that God would also undertake in all of that.


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