Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Photos of Teenage Camp 2010

These are some more photos of the teenage camp.
Again we had the treasure hunt, though this time a little different as they had to find slips of green paper. In the process the campsite was almost torn apart. This is one of the teams on the last day before leaving. The teams seemed to bond very well and new friendships made.
The obstacle course was again a hit, though they didn't get as unruly as the young adults.
Getting as wet, or wetting others, as much as possible again seemed to be the dominant theme in the course. But this was generally appreciated given the hot weather.
Felipe, the speaker, did not help out at the shop but did revel in helping soak anyone and everyone.The bonfire night was also a special time spent together.
Again some excuse was found to then warrant another rendering of the 'baile de la tasa' or the 'dance of the cup'.Also notable as the weeks went by was how the leaders and counsellors got ever more exhausted. Some took advantage of any chance they got to catch a few 'winks'.
The counsellors weren’t the only ones sleeping. So were the three guard dogs. The only thing they seemed interested in watching was the door to the kitchen!
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Gordon Darragh said...

Alistair, thanks for these great photos and word pictures of camps! You have done a great job in sharing news and stories - I can imagine being there! Hope your next few weeks go well!