Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pancakes & Calvin

Hi, just writing to keep you up to date with things.
Since my last post things have mostly just continued the same. Classes continue with a confirmed 16 in the 1 Peter class on Monday nights and 11 in the Saturday morning class. This is good because in the very rare circumstances that you have less than 5 students by the second/third week the module is postponed to another semester. What is even more interesting is the variety of students. For example the Saturday morning class which is aimed at pastors actually only has one pastor and a retired pastor. The rest include housewives, an architect, a nutritionist and an elderly gentleman among others.
I also had the opportunity to visit the ladies program which the seminary runs on a Tuesday afternoon. This wasn’t to attend but to bake pancakes. Rosa who supervises the program was interested in some pancakes I had made a few weeks ago. She talked me in to coming and showing the ladies how to make them during their break time between sessions. This week end the seminary is hosting a conference to make the 500th anniversary of Calvin. The invited speaker is Dr Donald Smith (the Evangelical Seminary of Lima’s principal). I hope to attend and maybe learn a thing or two.

In the next few weeks I am scheduled to speak in a few of the Cono Sur churches and then mid-October I plan, God willing, to visit ‘Rosa de Saron’ and Tarata again on separate Sunday’s.
Please continue to pray for the work here and for these special events. Please also pray as I continue to prepare and teach here at the seminary and as I visit and preach in the different churches, that God would use me as an encouragement.

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J-D lovell said...

your blog is on this 'peru for christ' face group page..

this will let others see your blog and to pray for you and to follow your time out ther.. to see what its like and maybe want to go out a serve the lord in peru..

also you can leave prayer points on this group and we will pray for you..

viva peru