Sunday, 11 October 2009

Conferences & Sports Days

Hi, just a post to keep you up to date since the pancakes and Calvin conference.
The seminary’s weekend conference went very well. The invited speaker was Dr Donald Smith (principal of the Evangelical Seminary of Lima). He spoke very well on the subject of Calvin. The students gave very positive feedback and requested more conferences of a similar kind.
Thankfully there is just such a conference scheduled later this month. Dr Tito Paredes, also from Lima, is due to attend. It isn’t normal to have conferences so close together but Dr Paredes’ conference was originally scheduled during last semester but due to potential strikes was postponed to these dates. Anyway, no one’s complaining and hopefully it will be an equally enjoyable and beneficial event for the students.

Last Sunday I preached in two different churches, ‘Pan de Vida’ in the morning and ‘Luz de Vida’ in the evening. Both visits were very enjoyable. Classes took place as normal this week only we are getting a little behind in both courses as we always end up having all sorts of discussions, thankfully almost always related to the course content.
On Thursday there was a bank/national holiday and the four ‘de Vida’ churches in Cono Sur had a joint day trip to the countryside to have a sports day. I went along and it was very enjoyable.
As is customary, the day started with a short service of singing, and epilogue and greetings. Then it was on to the games. It was good to be able to get to know the church members better, and play football together.
There were different activities including volleyball, football, obstacle races and even a ‘who-can-eat-the-food-quickest’ competition, sadly only for the children.
Last night (Saturday) I had the opportunity to visit the young people’s group in the ‘Luz de Vida’ church. I joined in the games and then brought a short talk.
It was really good to spend time with these young people, some who I already knew from camps and the youth conference.
They are really enthusiastic and full of energy that needs channelled in the right direction. Pray that I could be a good influence for them.

Today (Sunday) I visited ‘Palabra de Vida’ in Cono Sur and this afternoon I am visiting ‘Rosa de Saron’ church in the north of Tacna for a second time. I am preaching again tonight and pray it will be beneficial to them. They also asked me to show some photos of my family on their power point to show them what my parents are now involved in. I plan to show some photos not only of my family but also my church; a bit like deputation in reverse.

Other interesting happenings include the arrival of Gordon Darragh (the mission director) and Tom Moore (the president of the Association) along with the three Irish members of the ‘Misión Rescate’ team who are now in Arequipa starting language school. Also the Roycroft family arrived from Arequipa on Thursday and are temporarily settling into a flat in the seminary until a permanent house can be found. Please pray for all of them and their individual needs and circumstances.

This incoming week includes the normal classes (and filling in for another teacher who is away to Lima), preparation, field meetings (meetings with all other missionaries and the visitors from Ireland) and then, God willing, a second visit to Tarata next Sunday.
Thank you once again for you interest and prayer support.
God Bless,

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