Sunday, 18 October 2009

Laptops & Bugs

Hi since my last post most things have gone fine.
The visit to ‘Rosa de Saron’ church went well and the congregation really appreciated seeing pictures of my family and home church. It again underlines the fact that ex-missionaries and even visitors from Ireland are not easily forgotten. I have another date to return in November which will allow me, God willing, to continue to encourage these believers.

Mondays night’s class went well, as did the class I was covering for on Tuesday morning. Wednesday saw the departure of Gordon Darragh and Tom Moore. Their visit was much appreciated.

On Friday night Reuben and I were trying to get powerpoint sorted in the main auditorium as I planned to show a short film during the class I teach on Saturday morning; but predictably we couldn’t get it to work. To compound the problems my laptop died. It has done this once before but it seemed to recover after a while, this time it didn’t. If that wasn’t bad enough I woke in the middle of the night to an episode of ‘tummy trouble’. By Saturday morning I was almost in despair. Both feeling ill, but more so due to the prospect of what might need done to fix the laptop or if anyone here even could. I realised how crucial this piece of machinery has become to me here. It is where I prepare all my classes and where I maintain contact with family and friends in Ireland. I was imagining how I would manage to get by without it. Thankfully, an answer to a night of much prayer, the computer awoke and is working fine again. My digestive system hasn’t recovered as quickly however, and it has meant postponing the trip to Tarata planned for today. Yesterday, apart from going to teach my class in the morning, I spent most of the day in bed and today I feel much better. Although still ‘afflicted’ so to speak, I haven’t a sore head and have been able to continue preparing for next Sunday.

Please pray that I would recover completely. I had hoped it was a 24hr bug, now I’m hoping it’s a 48hr one. Pray also for my class tomorrow night, especially if I don’t feel too great.

This coming weekend, God willing, the second conference is planned with Dr Tito Paredes. I’m not too sure what the topic is but will surely find out soon enough. Also next Sunday night I have a sort of special preaching engagement. The churches here are celebrating the ‘Day of the Reformation’ coupled with ‘Day of the Pastor’. The ‘Manantial de Vida’ church has invited me along to speak. The issue is the brief. I have been asked, somehow, to give a résumé of the Reformation and its results, bring a message for the pastor, and then a message for those aspiring to the ministry all in one sermon. Let’s just say it’s still a work in progress.

Please continue to pray for the work here, for the seminary both students and teachers, for the churches and especially for their pastors coming up to this special date next Sunday.
Thank you again for your interest and prayerful support.
God Bless,

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Karen said...

Once again just letting you know I'm still reading the blog! It's great that you're getting to visit so many different places. What you say really is true. Everywhere we went people were asking after missionaries from Ireland, and your family was always included! Also praying especially that you get better really quickly and can get up and about again! Cuidate mucho, Karen