Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sooo much

Hi, sorry it's been soo long since I last wrote and soo much has happened since. I don't think I could relate all that has happened in one post so I'll do several posts over the next few days and catch up that way.

Since I last wrote I ended up having to go to London to sort out Visas for the Roycrofts and myself. We all flew over together and then I stayed overnight to collect them. It was a bit tedious but finally we succeeded. There followed a few intense days of packing, shopping and tidying my room. I also had to make numerous phone calls to cancel car insurance etc.

On Sunday the 11th I had a farewell service in my Church. It was excellent. I was soo encouraged by how many people made the effort to attend. People were so encouraging in what they said and the interest they showed.

Crucially the service closed with an act of commisioning which is entirely biblical. However, having experienced it, it has truely given me a renewed sense of purpose as I embark on this period of service in Peru. I am a strong believer in symbolic rituals like Communion and Baptism and the how they symbolically convey the spiritual truths. Commissioning is not on the same level as those (some may argue otherwise) but it has really impacted upon me. The thing is that I know that my Church is supporting me as I come to Peru. I need no convincing of that. Yet some how when the elders laid their hands on me it conveyed to me, and I believe to some in attendance who commented on it afterwards, the reality of what was happening. It has given me a confidence and reassurance that I'm not here just because I came, but rather because I was sent!

I was, as I mentioned above, very encouraged by the good attendance at my farewell. I have also been encouraged by the phone calls, e-mails, cards and messages I received from those not able to attend the farewell. Thankyou. It's so encouraging to know that such a large number of people will be upholding me in prayer while I'm here in Peru.

I will finish up for now and continue tomorrow as I endeavour to tell you about all that has happened this week.

God Bless,


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