Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A bunch of 12's

Hi, time is flying by so fast. I only have one more shift to work before going to Peru. I celebrated my birthday on the 12th of December, and it suddenly occurred to me that it was exactly a month from then that I would be departing to go to Peru. I leave, if you don't already know, on the 12th of January. These two dates just happened to coincide in a sense, yet the reality that I am now ACTUALLY leaving dawned. There is so much still to be organised but I'm getting there.

I also wanted to write to let you all know that a farewell service has been arranged for me on Sunday the 11th of January at 4:30pm in Magherafelt Baptist Church. If you need directions let me know. It's the day before I leave and it would be great to see you all.

In terms of prayer the visas have been granted, so give thanks to the Lord for that. However, they are in London, so somewhere in the next week or so someone has to take our passports to London, get them stamped (or whatever needs to be done) and back. Arrangements are already in progress to try and determine how this will be achieved. Please pray that whatever arrangements are made, that all will run smoothly without any last minute crisis.
Thanks again for all your prayers and I will endeavour to post more regularly to keep you all informed.

Its past midnight which means, firstly I'm up too late, and secondly that it's the 31st. This means there are only 12 days until I go. Wow.

Thanks, God Bless, and have a happy New Year,


Gary said...

Hey Alistair, just got a google alert about you. Great news. What exactly will you be doing there? How is your support? Hope you are well and greet your mom and dad for us!!
Rejoicing in His grace,
Gary Dunseath


Alistair said...

Hi, great to hear from you. I'll add you to my prayer letter e-mail list and send you a digital copy of my info leaflet and prayer card. I got your prayer letter last night after the prayer meeting. Jennifer Jennings was giving them out. Support is coming in slowly but surely. Some peoples generosity has been overwhelming. Such an encouragement.

God Bless.

J-D lovell said...

hey its very soon now.. i heard its very very hot year out there.. so take lots of suncream.. and a big sombrero..
its like the hot'est year ever.. c u later J-D'z