Tuesday, 20 January 2009

getting caught up

I'm continuing trying to get caught up with what all has happened.

I departed from Dublin airport on the 11th. It was a tearful farewell to parents and granny, made perhaps worse by the fact I was travelling alone. Thankfully I had the assurance that God was with me and knew exactly the emotions I was experiencing. The flights both the Madrid and then on to Lima were uneventful.

I arrived at 7:45am on the 12th. I was met in the airport by Trevor Morrow who took me to the flat we were to stay in. The Roycrofts arrived later that day. Over the next two days we initiated our visits to various offices and warehouses to try and get paperwork sorted. This even included a dental inspection at Interpol.

We were also able to meet up with Tom and Isobel Fleming as they travelled home. As many know, Tom is seriously ill. While they spent 7 hours or so in Lima airport awaiting their international flight we were able to spend some time with them. I am amazed at how God showed himself sovereign at this time. The fact that our stint in Lima coincided with their emergency, unpredicted, trip home was no coincidence! In fact we happened to be across the road from the airport in the frieght warehouses trying to get the Roycrofts belongings released.

My abiding memory however, of these days was the care and support given by Trevor. Leaving home and all that in involved is difficult, yet the little things Trevor did, like having a phone card available so I could phone my parents as soon as I arrived, were very meaningful and much appreciated. Thoughtfulness like this can only come from someone who has been through the same experience you're going through.

I also valued the journal given to me by the Young Adults group. It included seven days of daily readings based of Clive Johnston sermons. I finished the last entry this morning. The journal also included some phone numbers which was helpful as I had forgotten to bring anyones phone number. They're all on my mobile which I didn't bring. I was touched by the thoughtfulness shown in the comments in the journal. I am very thankful to all who took time to write.

The upshot of the Lima paperwork extravegaza is that we will need to return to Lima in February for upto 5 days. This is to complete the paperwork already initiated.

We flew down to Tacna and then travelled to Ilo on Friday. We are now in the process of settling in and unpacking. I will bring you up to date with this in my next post.

Thankyou and God Bless,

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