Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Baking & Bolivia

Hi, just a brief post to keep up to date.

Last week I dedicated to finishing up preparations for the 1 Peter classes which I managed. On Saturday night I had the pleasure of speaking at the ‘Rosa de Saron’ young people’s group. I was surprised how many attended.A few got away before I could round them up for this photo. Pastor Basilio is standing to the right of the picture. It was a good opportunity to speak a little more with some of the young people who I have only shaken hands with so far on Sunday night services.

On Sunday I was scheduled to preach at ‘Pan de Vida’ church but was asked to change from the morning service to the evening to accommodate the Pastor from ‘San Antonio’ church in Moquegua who was exchanging pulpits that morning. This allowed him to get a bus back to Moquegua that afternoon and not have to stay overnight. What I discovered (it had previously been mentioned to me by the Pastor at ‘Pan de Vida’) was that the congregation almost changes between morning and evening. For some reason the two services are attended by almost completely distinct groups of people. Well it was good to meet these people too but as the sermon was a second part of a series I was tempted to, and had I had it with me, I would have shared the first sermon once again.

Anyway, this week has been focused on finishing all preparations for the second class, writing another sermon, preparing a youth talk for Luz de Vida this Saturday night and trying to start another prayer letter.
I have also been having a bash at some baking. Lourdes and Graham Williamson gifted me a little yellow recipe book from Ballygomartin Baptist Church. It is very good and easy to follow (it would need to be in my case). I have so far had a very successful start with Fifteens, Flapjacks and Banana cake. Some ingredients needed amended as you can’t get quite the same items here but they all turned out very well. Thankfully, for the sake of my midline, I was able to share them with others around the seminary.

Assignments were supposed to be handed in this week but so far I have only received one, so I expect the rest next week (note the optimistic tone... not even a hint of sarcasm). I am sharing at both the youth and Sunday evening service at Luz de Vida this weekend so please remember that in prayer.

Please also remember in prayer one of my downstairs neighbours. His name is Adonias and he is a Brazilian student who has been studying here for a few months.
He feels God is calling him to be a ‘children’s pastor’ and a place has opened up for him to volunteer with a mission working with children in Bolivia. He leaves tomorrow (Thursday 19th) on his own. Pray he would know Gods guidance and comfort as he follows God’s call and settles into this new stage of his walk with the Lord. I asked him if he would like me to tell believers in Ireland about him and he was very enthusiastic that you would pray for him.

Thank you all once again for your interest and prayerful support.
God Bless,



Hi Alistair,

Sounds like you are really getting involved in Tacna and making a huge contribution not just to the 4 churches but to quite a few others. Keep up the good work.

Dave & Alicia

Gordon Darragh said...

Thanks for the update. Good to hear your little sidelines about life & ministry in Tacna. Been praying for you!

SERVICIO said...

Miss you and your sense of humour here.