Monday, 9 November 2009

Amazing Journey & Noisy Neighbours

Hi, just a small post to let you know what I was up to over the weekend.
Well I wasn’t anywhere near the cemetery. On Saturday morning as usual I had my class. Numbers have dropped a bit in recent weeks but apparently it’s not just my class and is a usual trend at this time of year.

Saturday evening I was at the young people’s meeting in ‘Luz de Vida’ church which went well and I have had a few requests for topics to be dealt with in future talks. From Thursday to Sunday this church has been hosting the ‘Amazing Journey’ visiting local schools etc. Sunday morning I went along to see it presented to the Sunday School. It went really well and it’s a good reminder of the overall story of the Bible. Sometimes you can get so caught up in one book or part of the Bible that you forget the overall story. Luz-Maria does a great job presenting the Journey and this is Luz explaining about the Israelites escape from Egypt.
This is Luz chatting with Noah (also known as Pastor Freddie).
The kids even got to meet Goliath. His sword was quite impressive and I reckon he could just about have reached the front row if they had got out of line.
This is Mary telling about how she ended up in Bethlehem and what happened there.
This is Paul of TarsusThis is the entire cast posing for a group photo after the presentation.
I was eventually coaxed into trying on Goliath's outfit. I reckon the his sword would be a bit too big for spreading butter.
Sunday night I visited the ‘Rosa de Saron’ church for the third time and then this morning tried studying for tonight but found it impossible to concentrate due to noisy neighbours below. They should be busy at assignments is what I say. This afternoon I finished of preparing for tonight’s class and thought I’d try and squeeze this in between so I can have a fresh stab at studying tomorrow morning when the lads below have classes.

I have been feeling quite tired recently and I think it’s just the busyness of the last few months building up. I’m looking forward to the end of term in December and a drop in the pace of things. Thank you again for your interest and prayers; they are a real source of encouragement and motivation.

God Bless,

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