Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rain & Uno

Hi, just thought I would get back to you and let you know how Tuesday night went. Well again no adults turned up for the midweek prayer meeting, fourth week in a row. This is not surprising in one way as it was raining, not usual for Ite. When people are not Christians and have made no commitments to the church it’s difficult to get them to come out on a cold night. Obviously unlike Ireland buildings here do not have central heating.

On the positive side seven young people, who would normally sit at the park or football pitch, did turn up looking to get in out of the rain. Richard and I played Uno with them for a while followed by a sword drill session and then Richard shared a short epilogue. So in a way our midweek prayer meeting turned into a youth meeting thanks, in part, to the rain. Richard has been taking advantage of the fact that the young people are on school holidays, which were brought forward nationally because of the swine flu, to spend more time building relationships with them. Pray as he visits in the village and takes the opportunities he can get to share the gospel.

The other issue on my heart that I want to share is with regard to next year’s ‘MisiĆ³n Rescate’ team. In short we have yet to receive any applications from prospective Peruvian members. This is despite a lot of promoting and encouraging. In a sense I realise I am worrying prematurely. Firstly the application deadline isn’t until the 31st, next week, and I keep hearing that ‘this one’s friend’ or ‘that one’s sister’ is interested. Secondly this is Peru and nothing ever happens until after any given deadline and usually at the last possible moment, but until I get concrete applications I won’t be satisfied. I am constantly aware that time is flying by and I seem powerless to do any more about it; I can’t force anyone to join. So I would ask you to keep praying that these almost mythical interested parties I keep hearing about would be challenged by God to commit thoughts and intentions to paper.

As I close please also pray for me as it is my turn to preach at the Ite church this Sunday afternoon. Pray that there would be a good turnout and that God would help me share what He has placed on my heart.

Thank you once again for your interest.

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