Friday, 31 July 2009

More photos of the youth congress

The following are some photos of the congress.
First thing in the mornings was devotions where the young people split into different groups and spread out around the campsite. The talks were given by various youth leaders who were accompanying them.
The games room was popular during break times.

As was the 'Tienda Azul' or tuck shop.
A popular nocturnal activity turned out to be skipping. That and apparently singing into the wee small hours. Given that those reporting this hadn't slept well on account of it, I assume they weren't singing lullabies.

Only two of these are wigs are fake, (DiscĂșlpeme Joel si lees esto).

On hand to make sure nothing got too crazy were some of the pastors who with youthful hearts attended the congress. Above are two of them, Ps. Quintin Anco (Palabra de Vida) and Ps. Freddie Mandamientos (Luz de Vida).

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