Thursday, 3 September 2009

Classes and classes

Hi, just a little update.

The seminary has started and there seems to be a good number of students but some are still enrolling late so it’s too early to get an accurate count of how many students there are.

I have taught my first class on 1 Peter. It didn’t go too bad. It was the introduction which some people naturally find boring and a couple of tricky questions were asked but I managed to answer them satisfactorily. I admit it had me sweating though because it crossed my mind that maybe I was very mistaken, but after checking with another missionary after class I was relieved to find that I was neither ‘barking up the wrong tree’ nor lapsing into heresy (imagine doing that on your first lecture of the first week... I should at least give it a fortnight).

My second course, on practical theology, starts on Saturday. I’m looking forward to this as it will get the course ‘off the ground’ so to speak. Getting to meet the new students will also help me as I continue to refine and rearrange future lectures. In another sense I’m nervous but I’ve as much preparation done as I can so just wait and see how it goes on the day.
This week there has also been a conference here at the seminary hosted by the radio station which doesn’t finish until Saturday. I haven’t attended very much of it but have helped out in the background when needed. I’ll say no more now but wait and write about it in a future post.
To keep you updated on where I’ve been. Last Sunday morning I attended ‘Manantial de Vida’ and was asked on arrival to help inspect the Sunday school classes. It was an interesting experience. In the afternoon I travelled to Ite and preached at the evening service there. This Sunday morning I plan, God willing, to visit ‘Palabra de Vida’ and then perhaps ‘Luz de Vida’ in the evening. This will mean I will have visited each of the four Mission churches at least one time.

Anyway, I’ll go now and try to write again early next week. Thanks again to all of you for remembering me in prayer and for all your encouragements.
God Bless,


J-D lovell said...

big hello form me and my family.. ! we praying for you.. and your picture is on our fridge..
good to see you really part of it..

God bless.. have a good week

Karen said...

it's always great to see a new post on your blog and hear a bit about the classes you're teaching and other things you're doing!'s so exciting! i hope and pray that you continue to be encouraged by all that you are involved in and that God continues to bless and use you in Peru. love and prayers,