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Hi. The following blog is a mixture of a little bit of news and then a reflection on a few different things that I have encountered over the past few months but never had an opportunity to include them here. Some are funny and some are reflections of a serious (as supposed to funny) nature.

In terms of what I’ve been up to since my last update, well, largely it has revolved around starting preparations for the courses I hope to teach in September, God willing. I have also visited Tacna to speak to the Peruvian members of the MisiĆ³n Rescate team and do evaluations with them. These were good and while there were no major problems highlighted, there were some suggestions which I think would be beneficial for the next team.

Whilst in Tacna I visited the various pastors and churches previously visited. Thankfully there seems to be quite a few interested individuals, though I have only been able to speak personally to one young lady at the Bible hour in the seminary. Therefore I don’t know how serious the other interested individuals are. The application deadline for Peruvian candidates is the end of July so there’s time yet, but I would like it sorted sooner rather than later.

The following are some pictures taken over the past few months which I thought I would share with you for different reasons.

The first two photos were taken when the team and I were returning from Puno. We stopped at a town called Mazo Cruz to have lunch (those of us who were up to it). While there a 'combi' (or minibus in English) pulled up, but I was quite surprised when I saw the passengers.
I thought, either these animals, reknown for their ability to climb mountains and travel long distances have gone soft, or the Peruvian public transport system is getting extremely popular. Alas, this was actually the bus to the butcher shop, so to speak, not that they probably knew that. But then I'm not really sure what they must have thought about it. I wonder in fact how the farmer managed to get them in in the first place!

The second pair of photos were taken when I visited the Zoo in Lima (and no they didn't keep me in). I quickly took this photo of these workmen presumably fixing an enclosure. I remember a caption I once read for a 'Men at Work' sign which read that "when men work they need everyone to know about it" or something similar. Well I thought this picture expressed a similar thought.

I'm not sure if there's a dentistry wing to Veterinary medicine, but I reckon that if there is, this toothy fellow could do with an appointment.

I took the next pair of photos in Mollendo when the team and I visited. This is the harbour where apparently some former missionaries arrived. It's now a tourist attraction and the chair that used to be used to lift people onto the pier is now a monument. Theres also a small museum nearby.
Whilst these serve as vivid reminders of the long history that Baptist Missions has in Peru, I also found personal reminders in the small things. While we stayed in the mission house in Mejia, I found the writing in the cement below. The story behind it is that when we were children we spent a holiday in the house, and while there my Dad supervised the construction of a stone wall around the house. One day while the cement below had just been laid my sister and I wrote our names in the wet concrete. It reads 'Alistair and Andrea' though the 'Alistair' has amost worn away. It isn't too clear in the picture but you can see the 'A' of Andrea almost in the middle of the picture.
Just a little reminder of my own childhood.

To keep you up to date this week end I am preaching in the San Antonio church in Moquegua in the morning and then in Ite that afternoon. This is closely followed by the midweek in Ite on Tuesday night. Please pray for me as I finish preparing and then especially as I actually preach in these churches.

Please also continue to pray for my lecture preparations and also as I continue promoting next year’s team.
Thanks once again for reading this blog and for praying for me, also I am writing another prayer letter which I hope to finish in the next few days. If your not already on my list please get in touch with me and I will make sure you get a copy.
God Bless,

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