Friday, 29 May 2009

Retreat & Farewell

Hi. Since I last wrote we (the team and I) have visited Tacna and then headed on to Mejia (a seaside town) for a sort of retreat. The time in Tacna went well with lots crammed in. We visited the 'Pan de Vida' church and took the Young Peoples meeting on Saturday night and the Sunday School the next morning. We also participated in the main service. It was a useful visit to encourage the members there. Also while in Tacna we visited John and Lourdes Brew's home for lunch. The team have been regular visitors (I think this was at least the fourth visit) and they had accompanied Lourdes to Puno at Christmas time to give out presents. As such the team have become very fond of Lourdes and John and we spent a lovely time together.
Whilst visiting Guido was spotted working at the light fittings. I assure you he was changing the light bulb and not appropriating any removable items to help finance next years team.
We headed to Mejia on Sunday afternoon and stayed until Thursday (yesterday). It was a great time spent together and a lot of fun. The talks were shared, some almost two hours long (sorry) and seem to have been well received. We managed to visit Mollendo and Matarani, two nearby ports that missionaries used to arrive at when they came by boat. The fun included a bonfire (with the required marshmallows) on the beach along with crab chasing by torchlight.

Others almost got stuck trying to climb in and out of an abandoned boat now turned into a type of monument in Matarani. Not to worry, if he hadn't succeeded in getting out again we could have simply launched the boat into the sea and told his parents to expect him home in 4-6 weeks.
Tonight the team have taken part at the young peoples meeting in Ite. Sadly it seems the footballers in Peru have gone on strike and the game that was due to happen tomorrow (see previous post) seems to have been called off, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow, as usual in Peru. On Sunday there is then the farewell activities and no doubt many tears. The Irish pair and I are then due to travel on to Tacna for the flight to Lima the next morning.
Please pray for the team as they split and the emotional time this will no doubt be for both the team members and all those who have got to know them over these months. Please also pray for safety in travel for all the team but especially Simon and Roberta as their travel schedule is very tight. Lately LAN Peru, the airline flying us from Tacna to Lima (and has a monopoly on the route), recently has unexpectedly been cancelling and delaying flights. This could throw the existing travel arrangements into chaos if the flight is cancelled or postponed too long.

Thank you again for your interest and faithfulness in prayer,

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J-D lovell said...

wow its good you got them to see meija.. i love that wee place.. i have two week unplaned as i was supposed to go up to puno for all of june.. but now i will go up only the last to weeks to see the children's home of Ramon..
i might take a wee trip to old moquegua.. keep up the adventure and work.. it sound all really great.. God bless you and the team as you continue to let God use you all..